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Last year I found a physics article about light absorption and different properties of the light spectrum. It’s scientific, to be sure, but it’s very applicable and I’ve never seen colors the same way as I used to. Can’t remember the last time I read something that changed my daily thinking for such a long time. I find especially interesting the part about light wave absorption: basically “colors” we see are just reflected spectrums of light that aren’t absorbed, but reflected by objects they “hit”. There’s a great page on the same site about why sunsets are colorful.


Your post made a deeper impression than I had expected when I first read it few days ago. It brought me back to a place last summer when in the midst of some self growth experiences in the recesses of Central America, I found myself deeply aware of the idea of what it meant to be self aware. In the midst of this realization of consciousness, I came across an article and then a podcast (in quick succession) that introduced this very subject to my intellectual absorption. Post reading about the relativity of color and how individual perception of it shapes so much of our reality. I remember being fascinated as well as fixated on this concept for days and almost reached a point of incoherence with my practical self in not being able to dissociate the academic understanding of the theory from how I could accept any physical object in my vision as being true to its form.

Have you perchance come across a TED Talk wherein a certain artist who was born completely color blind later on went to have a next generation device implanted that allowed him to perceive colors as sound waves? Let me find the link.

Ok here it is


Nice, thanks.
" individual perception of it shapes so much of our reality..." exactly, scientifically speaking the "sky" should be violet but our eyes pick up on blue colors better so we don't see it that way.


Oh ManBearPig this is fire! Thanks for sharing