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Hello Mindful Escape family! I wanted to share this 1 hour set by Ben Bohmer as my first contribution. If you're a fan of electronic music, I'm sure you'll enjoy this one. If you are not a fan of electronic music, I encourage you to give this set a chance when you have the right time and space. Super melodic, powerfully emotional charged rollercoaster. Keep in mind, all of the music used during this set is mixed AND produced by Ben himself, dude's got talent. Enjoy:


Hey there - really like that name. I used to be a raver in my teenage years and truly thought of music as being therapeutic back then. Seeing that you had combined Healing with Techno made me smile. I went to a Sound Therapy session recently as a part of series of things I have been trying to overcome some personal loss that I experienced. But to be honest the actual music didn't do it much for me though other aspects of the session were of value. Do you know if there is anything happening at the intersection of Techno music and cognitive therapy maybe?


Funny you ask, just got this passed along to me today:


I clicked on the link and thought I would check the events page for awhile but the way the music has started flowing in the first few minutes made me come back to this page to express gratitude for sharing it. I enjoy tracks of this nature but can never figure out what genre it would qualify in. If I were to search on Pandora - what kind of music would I be looking for?


Niceeee.. I'm fairly new to the "Techno/House" scene and learning the labels and subgenres becomes comical at a certain point. I would consider this "melodic deep house."

Maybe a better approach would be to dive deeper into the Anjunadeep catalogue. Anjunadeep is a record label that offers some of the best sounds in this genre. Soundcloud is a great (free) resource, check out more here at the link below. Also, I love to share music and guide others deeper into techno/house, shoot me a message let's keep this convo going... if it flows :)


Glad you helped clarify that Anjunadeep was not the album name which is what I had assumed. So is it in the same vein as the "Buddha Bar" or "Cafe del Mar" series? I still remember buying their CD's to listen to chill music. Of course this was prior to Youtube. Now I am faced with more options than I need when I put in that as a search term so "melodic deep house" is a good starting point. Is this kind of music ever played live in festivals? I would imagine it might be kind of nice listening to an extended set in a calm beach or mountain lake environment


Could be considered similar, I love the Buddha Bar sound, and I associate that with more of an "oriental sound" whereas Ben Bohmer is blasting electronic sounds, but every so melodically. So many layers/levels within the music obviously.

Shoot me a direct message and we'll exchange contact info. If you're in Austin let's go to some parties together, I love to "introduce" someone who's interested.


HTF is you LCD


who's LCD? What's Techno Tuesday!?!?