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Namaste Yogis & Yoginis - I have been trying to inculcate a meditation practice in my daily life for sometime now and wanted to share one particular aspect of it that has not only elevated the experience but also allowed me to finally get beyond the blank mind paradox. It is widely known as the "Om Exhale" and there are few differing variations on how it can be done. My favorite one is where I lightly open my mouth (smaller than I would if I were to blow out a small birthday candle on a cupcake) and then let slip out while saying "Om". Its mostly a nasal blow through and I touch my tongue to upper palate while doing it. There is a vibration within my mouth which then encompasses my cranial cavity. At certain times when my mind is blank, I can feel the vibrations reverberating through the rest of my body as well. If any of you have a different variation on this then please let me know. Energy and Healing to all!


My most memorable OM experience to date is the realization that volume and pitch were for me factors in achieving the best vibrational experience. Too soft or too strong, tonally too high or low, to deep or shallow produced subtler results. Experimenting with various combinations until quite unexpedly the vibrations reverberated throughout my body lifting me higher. Admittedly I do not practice often, but when I do and I find that perfect sweet spot surely I'm touching Nirvana


Deeply appreciate your sharing that. I have been experimenting as well but its refreshing to know that you did not settle on any one particular pattern as being the decisive one in your practice. I found myself trying to control the flow initially and though that did help in disrupting the default mode stretch of my brain, it was still taking me away from just experiencing and not analyzing.


Very nice, I've only truly experienced this at one sound meditation ceremony I attended where we "OM'd" as a group. This was incredibly powerful, felt super connected to everything.


Thanks for the tip, and the vocabulary upgrade...

Inculcate - instill (an attitude, idea, or habit) by persistent instruction.


I am curious - how do you practice the inhale aspect of this?