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Not many podcast recommendations here yet so I get to be the proud one to share/introduce 99% Invisible. I was led into it via the TED talk that Roman Mars had done about flags of different countries. Since then have been an avid fan of the entire series. Love that they are shorter than most podcasts of equivalent merit but still hold your attention. They find subjects that are the intersection of design and societal life with a keen eye towards changing our perception on everyday life. They did one on this phone booth in the middle of the Mojave desert that I have now listened to multiple times and it never fails to enrich as well as enlighten me. Here it is


I remember watching that TED talk on flags some years ago and being fascinated by it. The whole idea of it along with the Coat of Arms being such an identity feature in the pre-industrial revolution period that is perhaps getting lost to the sands of time. I recently learnt that the Nepalese flag is the only one in the world that is not rectangular in shape. I'll have that answer ready for Trebek if I get to Final Jeopardy!


Thank you for sharing this as I have been trying to figure out the name of the podcast series for awhile! I have chanced upon a few episodes in the past while driving and listening to NPR. I have always thought I would look up the name of what aired at that driving time once I got home but kept forgetting. Have you listened to the one called Curb Cuts which dealt with a pioneer in the disability movement to redesign urban architecture?


I was actually just listening to that the other night. Might have been a re-broadcast. Fascinating insight into what it takes to be the first person to institute societal change and the challenges of getting people to replace the loss of comfort from a existing lifestyle habit to something that is better for the community at large. It is characteristic of the East versus West mindset of collectivism versus individualism.