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First post here, I recently came across this video about meditation. As someone who understands the benefits, but has always struggled to maintain a healthy routine, this video provided some nice perspective.

There's a lot of other deep stuff on this YouTube channel as well.

How To Meditate - The No Bullshit Guide to Meditation


This is indeed a refreshing perspective especially since so much of the mysticism around yoga seems to elevate it to a celestial level of sorts and hinders approach from a mindset that isn't always in such higher frequencies. You are correct in how depth in the subject matter can be achieved without sacrificing the aspect that makes it relatable.


Recently went to a Kundalini (sp?) full moon worship. One hour of yoga, one hour chanting, one hour gong meditation. The chanting and gong work were not new, but the yoga blew me away. 30 people jammed into small setting fire breathing, chanting loudly, totally touching source. I was amazed at my lack of body strength and committed myself to getting onboard. TFS thanks for the Meditation guidance. Happy trails


Yoga is amazing, ease your way into it, don't need to be a champion from day 1. Mind - Body - Spirit connection... beautiful way to practice being present in the moment as well. Let go of your thoughts and just be here. Connect with your breath and body... powerful stuff indeed


Certainly a no bullshit approach, nice share.

I like his idea of committing to a lifetime practice, shifted my perspective a bit.